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Writing for the Web

By Taylor Steen

Writing for the web is a lot different than writing for print, or academic writing. You really have to incorporate your personality into web writing. When writing on the web, you want to engage with your reader and make it fun and upbeat, but at the same time the overall tone should be authoritative and upbeat because after all your reader came to your site for a reason. The one thing that you must always remember to do while writing on the web is to have fun!

Subheads: Making Life Easier

Subheads are one of the best tools to use when writing on the web. They are very simple, but they play a huge role in how scannable and readable an article will be. When I say scannable, I mean when a reader views your article they will look for visuals and subheads that will explain what the particular article…

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Blogs as Portfolio


 What Do Writer’s Do?

They create a Kick Ass Portfolio of their work–before they graduate.

One of my favorite student writing portfolios is Frances’. This bold look really captures Frances’ personality. She writes about lifestyle and culture. Her original portfolio was on WordPress. Then she moved to

I understand that is easier once you have a lot of articles that you can link to; however, I think the layout and look on WP in nicer, in general, not just this example.

Another Student Portfolio


Taylor’s Portfolio on WordPress. This very clean and simple look also matches this person’s personality. It’s professional, clean and simple. I like the pop of the graphic for the Science article.

One More Student Portfolio I like: Amanda’s Portfolio